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About us

     Magic Piano Movers has been in business for many years and are expert movers who specialize in Piano and Organ Delivering throughout the New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania areas. Doing business as Magic Piano Movers New York City and surrounding areas for over a decade.


Among these services are piano moving and storage, organ moving, hot tub moving, pool table moving, and heavy appliance or equipment moving. The odd size and unbalanced weight of pianos and organs often make them difficult to handle for untrained movers. Don't risk damage to the piano, call Sher @ Magic Piano Movers today.


Not all Professional piano movers charge an outrageous rate, especially when it comes to moving other materials and furniture types. Sherzod has been known for offering a fair price and is a trained professional piano mover for every project.

As expert piano movers we realize our clients expect much from us. We can Create for your Piano for over Sea Shipping.



The Customer and the company agree to the following terms and conditions:



It is agreed that the company shall have a general lien upon any and all property deposited with it or hereafter deposited with it. All goods deposited upon which storage and all other charges are not paid when due, will be sold at public auction to pay said accrued charges and expenses of the sale, after due notice to the depositor, and publication of the time and place of said sale, according to law.

The customer agrees all info provided is true. Please have a cash or card payment ready after the job is done, we accept credit card for payment including a 4% service charge from the vendor. New Jersey and Westchester Customers paying bridge and toll fees. Staten Island Customers paying the Verrazano bridge fee. NYC customers we always try our best but we may need to collect parking ticket fees from the customer.



If completely satisfied with your move 15-20% gratuity for the crew is appreciated - at your discretion, of course. This can be calculated from the job total and given directly to the foreman at the end of your job.



If you want to cancel your move we require to cancel 48 hours before your moving date. After that, you’ll be responsible to pay a $100 cancellation fee. Or if the client cancels at the same moving date, you’re responsible for the full amount payment. Any job if we fail to move we won’t charge. Any job if it doesn’t fit at the delivery point and if we take back to somewhere-we will collect the full amount of payment. 


The company when transporting to or from the warehouse for permanent storage acts as a private carrier only, reserving the right to refuse and order for transporting.

This contract is accepted subject to delays or damages caused by war, insurrection, labor troubles, strikes, Acts of God or the public enemy, riots, the elements, street traffic, elevator services, or other causes beyond the control of the company.

 The company is not responsible for any fragile articles injured or broken. The company will not be responsible for the mechanical or electrical functioning of any article.

No liability of any kind shall attach to this company for any preexisting damage caused to the goods by inherent vice, moths, vermin, rust, fire, water, fumigation, or deterioration.

 Unless a greater valuation is stated herein, the depositor or owner declares that the value in case of loss or damage arising out of storage, transportation, packing, unpacking, clearing or handling of the goods and the liability of the company for any cause for which it may be storage, transportation, packing, unpacking, clearing or handling of the goods and liability of the company for any cause for which it may be liable for each or any piece or package and the contents thereof does not exceed and is limited to the standard/minimum amount set by the company and based on the size of the instrument. The depositor or owner having been given the opportunity to declare a higher valuation without limitation in case of loss or damage from any cause which would make the company liable and to pay the higher rate based thereon.

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